Company Profile


LGS (Leader Generation System) the leading fashion brands in Indonesia. LGS belongs to fashion retailer Pt. Indah Subur Sejati, established in 1979 who started life as a small home industry making only men’s jeans.

Today PT. Indah Subur Sejati has expanded the product lines to include shirt, t-shirt, pants under various brand such as: LGS Casual, LGS Ladies, LGS Underwear, Johnwin Formal Wear and Johnwin Casual Active.

Being well known for our quality, durable and fashionable products we have expanded our retail presence to thousands of stores across Indonesia.

Having been in the fashion industry for well over a few decades, we understand how fast things change in the fashion industry. We have been able to stay ahead of the market by having good relationship and listening closely to our customers changing demand.


For PT. Indah Subur Sejati customer satisfaction is crucial for our continued success and expansion of our brand.
Our motto is to maintain highest level customer satisfaction by producing highest quality durable products
which we achieved by using best materials with highest craftsmanship and strict quality control.