LGS (Leader Generation System) registered in 2013,
it was a new immerse from the old brand that formed in 1979.
We re-branded because we want to restructure our image and to make fresh new brand.



LGS Jeans is the first department that is created in LGS as it start off with making jeans for men. Throughout the 1960-1970s, Denim has become a symbol of young, active and American’s way of life. That’s when LGS Jeans was created in late 1970s to give customers the feeling of western modern western styles. Now it is not only making jeans pants, we have T-shirts, Shirts and other various tops to match the denim pants.



LGS Casual is the first expansion from LGS Jeans. As the world of fashion changes, men do not only wear denim, the new trend started in late 1980s, when cotton pants were introduced to social fashion people. It was originally worn by office worker, but time changes and it



LGS Ladies is one of LGS expansion. Started in 2003. With the concept casual wear yet edgy for young women. It does not forget quality and style but still it has the fun and laid back feel to them. LGS Ladies has become one of the competitive brands in ladies department in Indonesia.


LGS Underwear and Innerwear

LGS Underwear and Innerwear was created in 2007. It is one of the fastest growing segment in LGS. With the concept of comfort and modern style, customer can choose variety of colors with newest designs.