american bridge association tournament resultsamerican bridge association tournament results

american bridge association tournament results american bridge association tournament results

At least 5-4 shape in two suits, at least one of which is known. A tournament is more than a competition. North American Bridge Championships (NABC) are three annual bridge tournaments sponsored by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). Their use will be optional in I/N events. >. In segments of 6 boards or more, a non-Forcing 1NT with a void or 10 cards in 2 suits. Triangle - Gwendolyn Leverrett, President 718 842 6861 TBD Remember that people making complaints will usually be in an agitated state. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. VIEW CLUB RESULTS. This does not apply to a psych. ". Beginning with the Opening Bidders second call, all calls are allowed by both pairs. JOIN-ABA NATIONWIDE EVENT 2022 NATIONWIDE WINNERS BASED ON PERCENTAGE NATIONWIDE LOCAL CLUB RESULTS ABA ON BBO Tournaments SPRING NATIONAL 2023 REGISTRATION FORM SPRING 2023 SPRING 23 SOUVENIR JOURNAL AD FORM 2023 SPRING PACKAGE AND 2023 NATIONAL T-SHIRTS ABA Y.O.U. (Restriction 1) An Agreement to open all hands in 3rd seat is not permitted, as it makes an opening pass Forcing. This form will be confidential unless you specify otherwise. Use the links below to play your next hand of bridge. RB CACBF22 Pairs Performance Record Points awarded for performance in CACBF22 Real Bridge Games 5 for 1st through 1 for 5th Results February 7, 2023 BBL MIXED PAIRS 02/07/23 Director: Peter Nicholls December 19, 2022 CACBF22 Monday Pairs Director: Jackie Thompson December 14, 2022 CACBF22 Wednesday Pairs Director: Jackie Thompson December 12, 2022 (Age limit transition effective January 1,2020. An artificial NT overcall at any level for 3-suited takeout. Teams are limited to four (4) players and play 4 rounds/5 boards per round/6 minutes per board. Tournaments also offer unique opportunities to win special pigmented masterpoints, including silver and gold. At the 1/5/23 SOMBA board meeting, current president Dave Dursum presented Satish Shah with a commemorative gavel in thanks for his past service as board President. Finally, Olivia Schireson won a Joan Gerard Youth Award, the first US winner since Adam Kaplan in 2013. A call may be changed without penalty, under the provisions of Law 25A, only if a player has inadvertently taken out the wrong bidding card and the player corrects or attempts to correct his mistake without pause for thought and the players partner has not made a call. Entry fee is $400 for the first 2 days and an additional $200 for subsequent days. An Artificial opening Preempt below 3NT; except, 2NT may be used to show two known suits. The exact schedule for each day will be posted after entries close. At the advertiser's option, the ACBL's Creative Services staff may design and produce ads for the Bridge Bulletin. The American Bridge Association (ABA) was formed in 1932 by black tennis players at Buckroe Beach, Virginia; During this time, blacks were excluded from most bridge events. E.L. and L.L. For close cases simply judge that the card had not left the confines of the box; therefore, a call has not been made. Teams are limited to four (4) players and play 4 rounds/5 boards per round/6 minutes per board. To enter, log in to this website and then go to the entry page. TheSwiss Team Gamewill now be a part of the ABA/BBOline-up. Note: If a player accidently uses the Stop card, there is no penalty. Upcoming Events Your one stop resource for club games, regional and sectional tournaments, NABCs, junior events and special events. At the 1/5/23 SOMBA Board meeting, the following people were elected for the comingyear. Register for MyACBL If you do not already have a password and want to register for access to your online profile. *** A 2-level or higher opening bid that could contain less than Average Strength showing a known suit and an unknown suit, where the unknown suit could be the suit opened. Daily printed bulletins will be on site as well as online bulletins. Fall Bridge Fest - Nov 12 - 14, Pittsburgh, PA Play Bridge Add a free year to your membership just by playing bridge Learn How then Join Now! *** In segments of fewer than 6 boards, an Artificial 1-level opening bid showing Length only in a known suit other than the one opened, unless that bid is also Strong and Forcing. (Restriction 3) Transfer openings, such as those found in the Little Major or Moscito systems, are not permitted in segments of fewer than six boards. Directors must be thoroughly aware of how to set up and score all types of games. Thorough knowledge of ACBLscore and ability to work with required software and hardware. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Our site requires JavaScript to display correctly. The Basic and Basic+ Charts are intended for limited master point events. If there are 8 KO teams, the Quarterfinal will be Saturday, the Semifinal will be Sunday, and the Final will be scheduled at the convenience of the 2 teams playing in it. *** An Artificial opening Preempt below 3NT showing Length in an unknown suit when there are more than two possibilities for which suit is held. For partnerships, contact Yvette Neary, partnership chair, at All local and ACBL health prorocols will be observed. Equally crucial is maintaining order, discipline and assuring all contestants that they will be spending their time in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. ACBL District 12 comprises 6 units; representing the Michigan lower peninsula, parts of the upper peninsula, Northwest Ohio and Northern Indiana. Your rideshare or taxi ride will be less than thirty minutes! Also tell them to advise you if the problem has not been rectified in a reasonable amount of time so that you can look once again into resolving it. Two classes of methods are particularly difficult to defend against, and these methods are allowed only in events governed by the Open+ Chart, and then only in segments of six boards or longer. Tournament Schedules Link to tournaments page North American Bridge Championships - held Spring, Summer & Fall Regionals - to win Red & Gold points Sectionals - to win Silver points Hotels in St. Charles near Blanchette Park If you have additional questions please contact the ACBL Tournament Department. (Qualifications that were won previous to 1991 that expired and/or were credited to a player entered in a Blue Ribbon Event prior to 1991 no longer count as a Red Ribbon Qualification. Try very hard to treat all contestants equally, be they expert or newcomer. A large contingent of US juniors participated in the 7th World Youth Transnational Championships, which was held Aug 7-14 in Salsomaggiore, Italy, taking home many medals and awards. (Restriction 4) Hands with 9 or fewer HCPs cannot be upgraded into any NT range. It is essential to have a complete knowledge of all movements one might encounter at a tournament (Mitchell, Howell, Board-a-Match, etc.). ACBL District 12 comprises 6 units; representing the Michigan lower peninsula, parts of the upper peninsula, Northwest Ohio and Northern Indiana. (Restriction 5) An Agreement to open 1NT showing 11-15 is permitted, but actually showing 10-15 is not. While a tournament is, in some cases, simply a larger club game, it differs in many key aspects. No ACBL employee (full time or part time) may stand for election or serve as an elected member of any ACBL unit, district or conference body, ACBL Board of Governors or ACBL Board of Directors. The playing fee is $2.00 and you will win both ABA and BBO points. Find a Tournament. All responses to a cuebid are allowed. The participants in the first tournament wereDr. John L. McGriff, Portsmouth, VA; Drs. If you want to play in the Transatlantic Senior Cup please enter the Transatlantic Senior Qualification event (you must be logged in to access that page) and if more than 4 teams enter, we will consult with the entered teams schedule it. 10-12 or 15-17 is a range of 8 points. ACBL uses cookies to personalize and improve your user experience. Your workload will increase over time as your skills develop. Whether its a local sectional or a massive NABC, a lot of work goes into planning a bridge tournament. The playing fee is $2.00 and you will win both ABA and BBO points. We promise you a good time at the games and when you return home on Saturday, we promise you will feel happy and energized," declared Suzi adding the youthful college vibes are catching on!". Any bid which requires Average Strength may be made with Near Average Strength in 3rd and 4th seats. To be considered a psych, the hand must contain at least 4 HCP less the minimum. document.getElementById('cloakf15e47ece0b161b79e3af03591c45287').innerHTML = ''; The Bridge Bulletin is mailed usually about one week before the month of publication. First through eighth place finishers in all NABC knockout events with an upper masterpoint limit of at least 300 and not more than 1500. Canadian Open Pairs Regional-rated (COPC), Mexican Grand National Teams (MGNTC), Bermuda National Pairs (BNPC), and Bermuda National Teams (BNTC). Law 40B2(c): In addition, a player is permitted to consult an opponents convention card at his RHOs turn to call. 2010 Results Return to Top. Any Artificial response to a Strong or Very Strong opening bid. *Bo Han (Bruce) and Jacob represented Canada in Salsomaggiore, but played in the 2023 Michael Seamon Junior USBC and earned spots on US teams for the 2023 World Junior teams championship, so we honor them along with the players who were playing for the US in Salsomaggiore. Since no financial information is carried on the web site, you have no financial risk. This site is designed primarily to post tournament results. One way to do this if you don't have a bridge home is to join a club and PLAY FREQUENTLY with your partner. (A Director might allow a pair to change a convention but would not allow a pair to change its basic system.). At the outset of a round or session, a pair may review its opponents convention card and alter its defenses against the opponents special understandings and preemptive bids. First and second place finishers in the pair events and winners of the team events. The site is under construction and more information will be added as we continue to develop it. Ability to be a sales person and accountant, able to sell entries and balance large sums of money. Find a Tournament Entry Express Covid Protocols. (It contains 4+ hearts or it contains 4+ spades.) During each event, the ACBL publishes a Daily Bulletin highlighting attendance, results, schedules, people profiles and interesting hands.[15][16][17]. A 1C opening bid showing 3 or more clubs. After the opening bid any bid is Natural if it suggests the contract bid as the final contract. A 2NT overcall showing at least 5-4 distribution in the minors or in the two lowest unbid suits. Players with a Blue Ribbon or Silver Ribbon Qualification, provided they do not have more than 2500 masterpoints as of the last point notification prior to the event. All-American Regional - May 24-30, Independence, OH. Obviously, players are drawn to a bridge tournament by the competitive side of the contest. ), Silver Ribbon eligibility will be earned for first and second place (and ties) in the following qualifying events: gold and/or red point Regional- and higher-rated Senior (60 years of age or older as of January 1, 2020, 61 years of age or older as of January 1, 2021, 62 years of age or older as of January 1, 2022, 63 years of age or older as of January 1, 2023, 64 years of age or older as of January 1, 2024, and 65 years of age or older as of January 1, 2025) events of at least two sessions with an upper masterpoint limit at least 300. Because we don't yet know whether the event will be needed, we have not chosen dates for it. DBCMV - Charles Guest, President 914 803 7491 Mondays @ 1 pm (Open 11/Open+ 13) In first and second seat, you may not agree to open a Natural 2-bid with a Range of 10 HCP or more (unless the hand is always at least Average Strength). In segments of fewer than 6 boards, an Artificial opening Preempt below 3NT that does not show at least one known suit. The table count is unknown and not listed in the table. The "Spring", "Summer", and "Fall" NABCs are usually scheduled in March, July, and November for about eleven days. The following are exceptions to the rules listed under Disallowed Opening Bids: Purely Destructive Initial Action: The intent here is to eliminate bids which have little or no redeeming constructive merit. There are many common bridge situations which occur which are not considered Encrypted, even if the situation may not be immediately apparent to Declarer. It is important to know how to repair movements that have gone off track (such as pairs or boards going to the wrong table) with a minimum of delay. Register for MyACBL If you do not already have a password and want to register for access to your online profile. NO Robots are allowed in the 8:00 PM Wednesday,Friday, andSunday games at ABA on BBO. (Open 9/Open+ 11) Mini-Roman type openings must show at least 10 HCP or meet the Rule of 19. Awarded to the National Knock-out Team championship winners at the spring North American Bridge Championship (NABC)s. It was donated in 1928 by Harold S. Vanderbilt, who won in 1932 and 1940. The Association often held its matches on college campuses such as Hampton Institute, now Hampton University, and Lincoln University, where adequate facilities were available. That page may contain one of the following messages: 1. Any opening bid that promises a Very Strong hand is allowed. While it is vital that we deal with rulings and penalties in a manner consistent with our laws and regulations, it is even more important to do so in a manner that shows that we realize that these players are our customers and have many other options for spending their leisure time. Know your responsibilities if called upon to present a case to an Appeals Committee. All doubles and redoubles, and all calls by both sides after a double or redouble. All calls starting with Openers second bid (this applies to both pairs). Any response to a 2-level or higher opening bid. First through 10th and all ties in the Red Ribbon Pairs and all other National-rated events that have no upper masterpoint limit. Tournaments American Contract Bridge League Tournaments A tournament is more than a competition. Keeping up to date on bidding conventions and current trends is strongly encouraged as well as reading the NABC+ casebooks and articles dealing with rulings. In U21 pairs, Finn Kolesnik and Michael Xu won gold. Parking is free and having your own transportation may encourage you to explore the beautiful countryside! The ACBL is also involved in online bridge. If an Agreement would be disallowed unless it satisfies a specific High-Card Point or shape requirement, a player may not use judgment to include hands with fewer High Card Points or a different shape. In response to partners overcall showing an unknown suit or suits, any call asking for partner's longest or cheapest unknown suit (e.g., pass or correct calls). Psych: Generally, 2 cards fewer or an Ace weaker than the minimum expected for a bid would meet the definition of a Psych, as would an Ace stronger than the maximum expected. In the U16 teams, "USS Unsinkable" Andrew Chen, Charlie Chen, Kayden Ge, Eric & Jeff Xiao, Brian Zhang (USA) won silver. Tournaments range from special events at the local neighborhood clubs to international-level championships. The Districts will no longer be individually represented on the ACBL Board of Directors. These methods, based on #3 of the Opening Bids section of the Open Chart and on #3 or #7 of the Opening Bids section of the Open+ Chart, require both a pre-alert and a written defense, including a separate copy of that defense for each opponent. ABA on BBO games playsix minutes per board except for U300 and U1200. Chicago Contract Bridge Association, 282 Le Parc Circ, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 GNT April 1 2, 2023, Palm Beach Gardens August 14 20, 2023. [CDATA[*/eval("var a=\"u2GikpZ7lEY9g6M4UH.KVOev0fP5TdIbDRQat-xsJCXonW@+SrhLzFBNA1y3w8_jmqc\";var b=a.split(\"\").sort().join(\"\");var c=\"jWXFC3wWy6Xyrn+WrBoSroC+NGoNF\";var d=\"\";for(var e=0;e*/, Other important sites First through eighth in the Vanderbilt, Spingold, Womens, or Senior Knockout Teams at NABC Championships. For example, if you played an opening 2. ABA HELD ITS FIRST SWISS TEAM EVENT WEDNESDAY, MAY 26, 2021. 13 Glenview. District 13 Finn Kolesnik was the only triple medalist at the championship. Never forget that the social side of the game is also very important. The 2023 Transatlantic Senior Cup has been announced for January 23rd - February 9, 2023. This group was responsible for the creation and organization of the ABA, and sponsorship of the first national bridge tournament at Buckroe Beach, VA. matchpoint pairs and knockout teams, one-day and two-day) in many classes of competition (e.g. 2023 District 11 Unit 136 of the American Contract Bridge League Miami Valley Bridge Center | 4701 Presidential Way | Kettering, Ohio, 45429 | PH: 937-439-1969 Guest Members Log into the Guest MyACBL portal here. Where in the world is that you say? Students with valid ID can play at a discounted entry fee. Cruise tournaments do not qualify for tournament ad rates. Further, no employee may serve as an appointed voting member of any of these bodies. In all cases you will be directed to a page leading to the Member Directory. In the USA U16 individual Brian Zhang won gold. Masterpoint Requirements for Rank Advancement, 2NT opening which is a weak preempt in a minor, Roles and Responsibilities of Tournament Sponsors and DICs, Appendix B Vanderbilt, Spingold and Soloway Seeding, Appendix G Special Conditions Pertaining to the Use of Bidding Boxes and Screens, Appendix K Conversion of IMP Margin of Victory to Victory Points, Appendix S Security Regulations Pertaining to the Spingold, Vanderbilt and Soloway, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 18 (Canada), 19 (Canada), 24, 25. applies in any 1-session event with no masterpoint limit (includes Side Series); applies in any restricted event with a masterpoint limit above 3000; applies in any 2-session event with no masterpoint limit if there is no 2-session event of the same type with a masterpoint limit on the same day. Any 2-level opening bid showing at least Average Strength with at least 5-4 shape and both suits known. This is a job where technical ability and classroom study account for a small percentage of the necessary prerequisites for success. A Bracketed Swiss (along with two single session side games to benefit the Grass Roots Fund) will be held on Thursday at 10 and 3. Artificial One-level Openings Showing Length Only In A Known Suit Other Than the One Opened: IF THIS INVOLVES AN ONLINE GAME WE MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE BBO USERNAME. Be advised that SOMBA is pleased to announce a new face-to-face game. Any word that is capitalized on a Chart is included in the Definitions section. All in all, it will be a fun five days for friends and family alike with bridge play as it was in the old days. Feedback from last years Regional was positive, and we expect all last years attendees as well as their bridge playing buddies to show up this year. When bidding boxes are in use for this reason, no player has the rightto refuse to play with them. Artificial opening bids at the 1 level must, by Agreement, have at least 10 HCP or meet the Rule of 19. These two special partnership agreements are disallowed in all ACBL sanctioned events. The two events were merged in 1938 and renamed Spingold Master Knockout Teams. Some of the links on the site are slow but they do work. (Restriction 2) You can pass hands with certain shapes even if you open other shapes with fewer high card points. First and ties for first in multiple-site District finals. Any 1NT opening bid that is Strong and Forcing. Bids with High-Card Point minimums do not change. The American Bridge Association (ABA) has just announced their Welcome Back Tournament for returning players. All day, everyday. To be considered a psych, the hand must contain at least 4 HCP less the minimum. An Artificial NT overcall at any level for 2-suited takeout. Psyching an Artificial response below 2NT to an opening bid or an overcall. We have a sister bridge organization in the Sacramento area - the American Bridge Association! After a Natural suit opening bid, an Artificial direct 1NT overcall that does not show one of the following: Quasi-Natural: Many, but not all could be short 1 or 1. In 1934, 1936 and 1937, there was a separate Masters Teams-of-Four event. The above officers also serve as our Executive Committee. A player is obligated to choose a call before touching any card in the box. *** A non-Forcing 2-level opening bid in first or second seat that has a Range of greater than 9 HCP and could show less than Average Strength. The site is under construction and more information will be added as we continue to develop it. Auction(please provide all relevant information including dealer, vulnerability and complete hand record if unable to upload or provide a link): Upload hand record: Our clubs host about 30 Sectional and Regional Tournaments a year. It is not permitted to pre-define the spots as being high or low (such as 234 is always low, 567 always middle, etc.) The Open and Open+ Charts are intended for events with no masterpoint limits (or high limits). You should make every effort to perform the tasks assigned in a competent and professional manner. It is also not an Encrypted Signal to play a suit preference card when you believe your partner has led a singleton even though you normally play an attitude signal on the opening lead. Note that almost all Agreements are allowed beginning with Responders initial action. Services offered include design and layout, as well as, proofreading. *** A Natural or Quasi-Natural 1-level opening bid in first or second seat that could contain less than Near-Average Strength. An Artificial 1 opening bid that is Strong and Forcing. The desire to win is very important to them. First and clear second in single-site District finals of North American Open Pairs Flight A. In contrast to the Basic and Basic+ Charts, methods are generally allowed unless they are expressly prohibited within the Chart. District 5 GNT - Apr 30 - May 1, Hamburg, NY. Definitions #5 and higher appear alphabetically. An example of a PDIA overcall would be a 1S fert overcall, showing any 13 cards and Pass = . Thorough knowledge and understanding of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge and ACBL regulations. By default you will see the officers associated with your unit. applies in any 3+-session event with no masterpoint limit; applies in any 2-session event with no masterpoint limit as long as there is a 2-session event of the same type with a masterpoint limit on the same day. There is onecolumn of general conditions which apply to all ACBL events and separate general conditions applicable to Pair, Swiss, B-A-M and KO events. Stratified Swiss teams playthrough with lunch included, is on tap for Friday at 10! It is contested over 11 days. The defense must be provisionally approved. Here you will find tools, resources and tips to help you get the most out of media when promoting your upcoming tournament. District 9 is now defined as Region 8 for this purpose. When you do make a mistake, admit it, apologize and fix it as best you can. This page was last edited on 12 February 2023, at 19:11. The Basic and Basic+ Charts are recommended for masterpoint restricted games at clubs. (Open+ 9) Opening 2NT to show a major-minor 2-suited hand is not permitted. The Fall Championship began in 1937 as a four-day tournament and is now nine and one-half days. While it is not crucial to be an expert player, it is important to understand as much as possible the game situations being discussed and the reasoning behind the rulings. Duplicate bridge players from Chicagoland are gearing up for a week of fun and excitement at District 13s annual Spring Regional to be held April 24-28 at the Madison Marriott West, a hotel in Middleton, a Madison suburb. As a policy, we do not question players as to the details of a handicap when they state that one exists. It will be scheduled once a month on the 4th Wednesday. Apart from the size, the players and the sponsoring organization take a tournament much more seriously than a club game. Law 93C3(a): Except as noted in 7 above, the responsibility of dealing finally with any appeal of a Directors decision is that of the tournaments specified tournament body. It also is important for TDs to recognize they are a member of a team. A Natural bid showing 4+ cards in the suit bid and another known or unknown suit of 4+ cards. It is only when a bid could be either 10-12 or 15-17 at the time making the bid that the range would be considered to be 8 points. We cannot guarantee timely delivery by the postal services. The playing fee is $2.00 and you will win both ABA and BBO points. How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event. Ask the leading players at your tournament for bridge judgment opinions per the instruction of the director-in-charge. This form will be confidential unless you specify otherwise. On an allegation of bias of a committee member or members to and at the discretion of the ACBL Appeals and Charges Committee. They hold games locally and welcome ACBL members to come play with them. (Age limit transition effective January 1,2020. An either/or combination of any two of a, b, or c (which may be the same option twice). An Artificial 4 opening showing hearts, and an Artificial 4. If you plan to fly, use Louisville, Kentucky International Airport. var addyf15e47ece0b161b79e3af03591c45287 = 'al' + '@'; You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you for your consideration. This is an open book event, but as for all USBF events, you must complete and file a System Summary Form and ACBL convention card 2 weeks before play begins (June 8). Bidding boxes will be used in all events held at NABC's except I/N events (0-500). Below is a summary of past and current trophies at the national level. Any alternative method which is necessary to enable a person with a disability to compete is authorized subject to the approval of the Director. In addition, TDs must know to conduct Swiss and Knockout Team events of all sizes. February 20 - 26, 2023 Convention Center. ******** Encrypted Signal: Encrypted signals are ones in which the method of signalling can be given to declarer but requires a key to unlock the meaning that is hidden from declarer but available to the defense. Members of the Flight B and the Non-Life Master District champions in the Grand National Teams (GNT). However, D9s boundaries have not been modified or combined with any other districts. Just Play Bridge Test Your Play. We are revving it up for our Spring National Tournament to be held at the Caesars Southern Indiana Hotel! It is just as important for a TD to always be on the lookout for how to help fellow staff members perform to their best. Select from any of the search criteria and click "Search" to find tournaments, and click "Reset" to start a new search. Any accusation of cheating must be made privately to the. 4 were here. The American Bridge Association, Inc. invites you to see what's in the cards for you. Play will be on weekdays only. or in other seats (e.g., 10-12), those are two distinct ranges of 3 points. For example, playing standard carding at trick one and upside down carding after trick one would not be considered Encrypted. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; It would also be legal to open 2D showing 11-15 points with 5/4 either way in the majors. In this area of the website, you will find conditions of contest for ACBL events. For reservations, call 1-609-831-2000. The 100 players having the greatest total of masterpoints as of the Sept. 1 ACBL computer cycle. For more information, contact Suzi Subeck, tournament chair at: For partnerships, contact Yvette Neary, partnership chair, at All local and ACBL health prorocols will be observed. It is illegal to communicate with your partner during a hand via any means other than chat to the full table, to communicate with a kibitzer during the game,(I didn't think kibitzing was allowed) to play using an account that is not yours, to gain advanced knowledge of a deal, or to play in one event using multiple accounts(BBO IDs). Non-handicapped players may use bidding boxes, if available, in games in which such use is not mandated as long as no player atthe table objects. An organization with 80 years of history providing a fun, welcoming environment for all who enjoy the. Official ACBL defenses must be provided when possible. Here they are on the Victory Stand in Italy, from the Tournament Bulletin: Harrison Luba, Michael Xu, Kevin Rosenberg, Finn Kolesnik, Zach Grossack, Bo Han "Bruce" Zhu. Any Artificial Preempt which would be otherwise allowed under the rules below may also contain Very Strong hands. It is crucial that the players consider you someone they can rely on to be competent, fair and objective. Play Bridge Add a free year to your membership just by playing bridge Learn How then Join Now! Winners of the Canadian Womens Team Championship. It is therefore crucial for TDs to maintain their cool and to be as sensitive as possible to the players concerns. In addition, they should have a working knowledge of computers, software, hardware and printers in use and be able to resolve minor problems. [CDATA[*/eval("var a=\"5UR@FOaI-Jj74MwpoBK_.t1zbVmhk+A8fETxYgXlucs6HNGZyvSL3CnrQiP92ed0qDW\";var b=a.split(\"\").sort().join(\"\");var c=\"QPN9vHNn2MsPvHZNvn6yv6cZrRrPZ\";var d=\"\";for(var e=0;e*/or /*

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